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I’ve seen Kip play seven times now I think, and every time it has been magical. Honestly I don’t think a live performer out there like him. So genuine, I honestly get the impression that he has given up so much and is finally getting the rewards he deserves!

Come back to the UK as soon as you can Kip! I’ll try to get over to the States too!!

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When People ask you the question, " who would you want to talk if you could talk to anyone past or present?" Most answer Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Mike Tyson or Jesus....well Kip Moore can definitely be added to that group because he IS That Amazing. I was hooked the moment I saw the video, "Running for you." From that moment on I knew there was something Special about Kip Moore. After sharing and baring his soul, he's inspired me to keep going on this unpredictable path I have chosen for myself. I want to thank everyone apart of the Slowhearts, Kip Team Members, Fans and friends who are all apart of supporting dreams coming true. Kip will always be more than a blue jean boy in a rock and roll band. Always willing to try new things when others are to afraid to be themselves. His kindness and humbleness knows no limits and he's always helping others with their dreams. I may not be spreading kindness online anymore instead I have chosen to take Kip's advice and value and appreciate all Life has to offer in the present spreading kindness in the moment. There was a time when Life existed without social media and even though their is so much good with the internet, it's also important to appreciate the present in life and the beauty all around. There's magic when things unfold with the universe you just have to be present to see it. For Kip: Always believe in whatever you decide to because I know for surely it'll be some kind of wonderful. Keep being true to you and never tell yourself you're not good enough for someone. Your soul is pure golden and anyone would be lucky to have kids turn out like you. Know that you are the only person on the planet that lifts my soul to a happy place and Gives me love when I ain't got nobody. A little hope when I ain't got none at all. Gives me light ahead on the journey, Give me strength when I'm standing and faith when I fall. I'll always be a fan forever and for always. You are the wind beneath my Wings. PS...your latest video clip on your site is extraordinary fabulous! Well done Mr PJ and Team.