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Hey Kip,

I have no idea if you’ll see this or not, but I really wanted to take a minute and say thank you, so I figured it was worth a shot. I have been a huge fan of yours for a long time now. I saw you play in Mansfield, Lowell, up at Hampton Beach, and most recently, the other night in Boston. You know, your music and your story have touched me in so many ways. Mainly, inspiring me to get my life together, get back on track, go back to school, and pursue my dreams after a few year period of just kind of wandering around, not caring about anything, not pursuing anything, making all kinds of terrible choices. Its given me hope that my little brother who, right now, is pretty lost himself, getting into trouble, and doesn't really have a direction, will find his way as well. Being in school full time as a pre-vet major, and aiming to go to veterinary school after I graduate requires a ton of work inside, and outside of school. So, it doesn't leave me with a whole lot of free time to work an actual job at the same time. However, I do my own things on the side here and there to make money when I can. So, when I heard you were coming back to Boston and that you were announcing a new album, I threw myself into doing as much work on the side as I possibly could to save enough money for the concert tickets as well as to pre - order Slowheart. And I did! I also was able to come up with the few dollars necessary to buy your songs individually on iTunes as they were released, because I couldn’t wait for the album to arrive. I started a countdown to your album release, and the show back in August, despite everyone else telling me it was “way too early to start a countdown” haha. So, you have no idea how absolutely devastated I was when my friend and I got to Landsdowne street the other night 15 minutes early to see your set, only to realize that we left the tickets all the way back in the car at Alewife. We both had a bunch going on that day, and I really needed to study, so we had decided we’d forfeit the afternoon part of the show, and only come to see you. I bought the tickets, the second they went on sale solely to see your part of the show. I was in Australia at the time too, so 10Am here when they went on sale was midnight over there haha. We knew taking the T all the way back would take so much time that we’d miss your entire set, so we took a taxi there and back as quickly as we possibly could and made it back to your show at around 7:55/8pm. So, we only got to hear the tail end of your set, and I was absolutely crushed. Anyway, flash forward to a little while after the end of the show, we were on our way to go grab a couple drinks and a bite, and we ran into you on Landsdowne st. I just wanted to really thank you for being so willing to take the time to say hi, and take a picture with me. I tried so hard to get a meet and greet for the Hampton beach show, but couldn’t find any info anywhere on how to get one, and so I called the venue and they told me there wasn't a meet and greet. I realized later that there had been one, and was bummed that I wasn't able to figure out how to get in. I also looked everywhere for the Boston show, but again couldn't find any information anywhere. The first two shows, I knew I couldn’t afford any kind of meet and greet ticket, so I didn't bother looking for any. Anyway, all I can really say is thank you. Meeting you made my entire night, especially given how sad I was prior. You obviously, had no obligation to talk to fans or take pictures, and I cannot even begin to tell you have much it meant to me, and how much I appreciated it. Your music is my favorite and has always been there to help me get through everything over the years. So, thank you, so so much,


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My daughter and her fiance are getting married saturday 30,2017 ...I know this is a long shot but their first  dance song is Pretty Girl...its the song he proposed to and I was wondering if there is anyway I could get a poster of Kip ....autographed  for their wedding. Thanks so much

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Can't wait to see Kip Moore tomorrow night at Keg's Canalside.  Great intimate venue!  Is there any way to get meet and greets?  My daughter and I would just love an autograph!!  Saw Kip last year at Keg's and at Country Jam...he is an amazing entertainer! 

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Can't wait to see Kip Moore tomorrow night at Keg's Canalside.  Great intimate venue!  Is there any way to get meet and greets?  My daughter and I would just love an autograph!!