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Hello! I wanted to say how grateful I am to you and your band! On October 27 this year we took our kids to their first concert! I have twin boys, Jakob and Lukas both 8, and a little girl Alyssa who’s 10. My kids love country music and my son Jake in particular is one of your biggest fans! So we surprised them with a concert to see you! The kids were so excited! The venue was perfect. Towards the end, one of the twins Luke, fell asleep but Jake wanted to stay to hear his favorite song, something bout a truck. So when you started to sing it, my husband tried to see if we could get Jake and Alyssa closer to the stage to see you. Friends of ours stayed with Luke since he was sleeping still. Security was amazing and let us down to the front. Then your incredible fans let the kids get right up to the stage. My husband had Alyssa on his shoulders and Jake was sitting in the stage. Then you came over and gave Jake a high five and kissed Alyssa in her forehead! Then your band gave the kids their guitar picks, and drum sticks! It was amazing! I can never thank you enough for the incredible memories my children have! As I watched them staring at you in awe, I started to cry! It was Jakes wish to see you in concert. Since he was little he wanted to be a country music singer and watching him have so much fun and have this experience was something I can never fully thank you for! You and your band are truly a class act! And your fans are just as amazing! Everyone was so kind! These memories will last them forever! Alyssa went to school and told everyone her first kiss was from Kip Moore and Jake refused to wash his hand for 3 days after you high fived him! Luke was a little bummed about falling asleep but alyssa gave him her drum stick and Jake gave him a guitar pick, so he was good!   Thank you again for helping my family make an incredible memories! And thank you and your band for making my kids feel so special!! It will never be forgotten!! 

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Three years ago a friend on my fiancee bought us tickets to go see my fiancee favorite singer right before she had brain surgery.  Her friend wrote kips people to see if he would meet my fiancee. Yes I understand famous people have a lot of demands on them. Well since then our friend has past. 

Kip is coming back to Atlanta this coming April. Yes I have already bought tickets for my fiancee to see her favorite singer again but I'm sure it's going to be very emotional for her since her best friend is no longer with us. 

All I would like is If while on stage at the buckhead theatre in Atlanta Georgia on April 25th 2019 is that kip could just say hey to her. That would blow her mind. Hee name is Sandra gookins.

Thanks very much 

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Trying to get tickets for March 29 at Santa Rosa. No presale code was sent. Primary seller website tickets direct does not show this event, the other links are to third party sellers charging $1000 for GA!!

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Hey, I'm selling tickets for the Manchester and Birmingham UK Acoustic tour as I managed to get some in London. They are Merchandise tickets x 2. Let me know if anyone wants to buy them. Cat x