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Hello from Belgium ! I recently discovered the music of Kip Moore through YouTube. First I listenend to a couple of his previous songs, which were really good. A couple of days ago I watched the documentary "7 days at the rock" and loved it, very interesting to see. I found out Kip just released a new album, Wild World. I listenend to it and I have to say, this album is simply amazing. Kip is an outstanding singer, great voice. The way he puts his heart and soul in every song, really gets to me. He is very authentic.

I will definitely keep following his music, that's for sure. And I hope one day I will be able to see him perform live.

Greetings, Ibrich

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New album is so good. Gave me chills , it's so raw but too the point. Best One Yet. Could always trust you to give it 100 % for your fans. So thank you for staying true to yourself and your music. 

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Hi, can't see whether my original comment posted. Having an issue with the album sale links. When I click them, it's opening a new window to the UMG website with no further option to purchase the album/packages. It's not an isolated incident as my friends are having the same issue. Have tried it on different devices too and on different days in case it was just a glitch but it is still occurring. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :) 

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There's an issue with the presale links on the website. Everytime they are clicked it is opening a new window to the UMG website with no option to buy the record. Can someone have a look at this please? A few friends have confirmed they are having the same issue. Thanks.