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hi there, so excited for friday night; however, have not heard any details for the m&g ie, time, etc....will the info come from you or the venue in barrie?

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Ciao Kip,lately I first heard your music – and the more I listen to it, the more I love it!THANK YOU so much for making me laugh, cry and and dance while listening to your music! It always makes my day.Please don't stop it – and don't stop just being yourself. All the best from Switzerland/Spainmartinaps: …and PLEASE come to Europe again soon; I unfortunately missed the C2C  :((

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i wanted to wirte you a long time ago. kip you reached from Hawaii all the way to the swiss alps!

Here nobody listens to country music, but me, it makes my hart smile.

please contact me, i have to tell you something!

greetings from Switzerland