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Hello Kip Moore Team.  Where can I find information on booking Kip Moore for a show?

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I ordered tickets for the Evansville Indiana show and I got the MEET AND GREET PLUS THE VIP MERCHANDISE but Ticketmaster only billed us for the VIP MERCHANDISE!!! I'M EXTREMELY UPSET BECAUSE I'VE WAITED A LONG TIME TO MEET Kip and now my opportunity is lost. He's my last concert. I chose him because he's become my favorite artist and most relatable in lyrics. It's not fair that Ticketmaster scammed us and won't do anything about the meet and greet!!!!! Lisa Holmes has this happened to anyone else!?

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Can SOMEONE please help me I'm trying to figure out if he has a fan club because it's telling me "Kip Moore fan club presale" but I see nothing on his site to buy a membership!? What am I missing!? Please someone help me. I have waited FOREVER to see him!! It's the Evansville Indiana show!!