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Why I need to meet Kip Moore 9/24/21 in Hampton Beach, NH:

He is the soundtrack to our stay-at-home Friday  end of work week, chill out, relax, drink beer and grill night

Wild World will be the song I dance to with my youngest son at his wedding

Janie Blu is the best song EVER

We want to say Thank You for all your hard work at sharing your God given talent.'s picture

I'm having trouble with the ticket website. I'm not seeing my tickets in the app and have submitted 2 requests to resolve the issue and I have heard nothing. I can't get anyone to help me with this problem. I have an order confirmation number and my credit card was charged. However, I can't access my tickets.'s picture

Music is a necessity for me. All kinds and all the time.  It just touches my feelings, thoughts, memories, moods like happiness or sadness. Just whatever I chose  in the moment. Music and songs make my life better everyday. I've been this way since I was a little girl. My friends could tell ya.

THIS BOY, Kip Moore , and his lyrics just do it for me.  His songs don't get old to me. I am proud to be a fan of his.  His lyrics, passion,  conscious depth, intense delivery, HIS VOICE , free-spirited personality just all match whatever my soul craves to hear.  I think he is genuine and expresses it with those (sometimes familiar) stories he tells in his songs with such intensity and passion. I think that's what attracts me the most to his music. Kip Moore is real, got a good damn voice,  and he's just the shit........the very best at what he does. He is my real deal and loved by soooo many others around the world.  Real easy to look at , too! Kip Moore is a STAR.  End of story. :)