Artist to Watch: Kip Moore, The New Heartthrob

"Somethin' 'Bout a Truck" is one of those songs that is so darn catchy that you pretty much have to like it. The song is pretty much just a list of things to do when one lives in the backwoods of the country. Parking your truck in a farmer's field, drinking cold beer, and swimming in a creek at 2am are some of the thrilling activities he describes. Lyrically, it's nothing we haven't heard before. But, what makes this song different is the unique vocal performance Kip delivers. I don't think we've heard a male vocalist on country radio with so much grit and roughness to his vocal tone. He performs the song with such a laid back style that makes you want to move to the country just so you can live out this song. The production is a fantastic southern-rock style that encompasses a rocking guitar melody throughout the song as well as some fantastic accompanying drums. To date his shining moment was the heartbreaking "Mary was the Marrying Kind," but this is right up there with it.

Today's new artists are all competing to try and differentiate themselves from the pack. Kip Moore is one of the more unique artists in that group. His raw and edgy voice causes audiences to stop and take a second listen whenever they hear him on the radio. The productions he uses on his songs include sounds that have never been heard on country radio before which also causes listeners to stop and listen. Those songs include subject matters that can be easily related to. Who hasn't regretted a breakup like the one he went through in "Mary is the Marrying Kind" and who doesn't love an easy-going song about the country lifestyle like in "Truck?" It's that ability to connect with an audience that will take Kip to the next level. One more thing he has going for him? The fact that he's one of the more good-looking up-and-comers and he just happens to have all the ladies swooning over him. The singer even flaunts his "sexy" side in the video for "Somethin' 'Bout a Truck."

The Georgia native has always had passion for songwriting. Whenever he listened to music while growing up, he always gravitated towards the lyrics and paid close attention to them. It wasn't until he went to college that he began writing songs and working on his songwriting craft. After spending some time in Hawaii he was told he should move to Nashville, which he did. From there he was signed to MCA Nashville and began working on the debut album, Up All Night, which is now slated for release on April 24. To learn more about Kip, you can visit his website here. Meanwhile, you can view the video for "Somethin' 'bout a Truck" below.

By - All Things Country



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