Kip Moore Avoids Surgery After Popping Vocal Chords

Kip Moore is "back to normal" after a scary vocal cord accident that forced him to not sing or speak for over two weeks. Those precautions were in order to prevent the need for surgery to fix the problem.

"I was in Charlotte, and I was about to do a show," Moore reveals to Taste of Country, just days after being allowed to speak again. "I was doing soundcheck, and I had been singing a lot of shows with strep throat. I just kept singing, and I wasn't getting better. When you're out on the road, it's late nights and this and that … you're getting up early. My body just wasn't healing, and I just kept on pushing through.

"I heard a pop and felt a pop in my vocal cord area," he continues. "Basically, it was the same thing Adele went through … it hemorrhaged and started bleeding. It was in bad, bad shape. The doctors told me that I was on the verge of doing some permanent damage, so I just had to shut up for two and a half weeks and couldn't say a word."

Moore, who is currently in the Top 20 with his second single 'Somethin' 'Bout a Truck,' says that not speaking was the toughest part about what he went through in order to mend his vocal cords. "I about lost my mind," he says with a laugh. "I didn't realize how much I actually talked. I did a lot of writing those two and a half weeks. I ended up just locking myself in my studio. I didn't go around people for the last week and a half of it because I was so fed up with trying to write stuff and people not understanding what I'm talking about. So I just stayed in the studio and practiced and wrote and stayed away from people."

However, that quiet time also allowed his mind to wander, thinking about what his future holds. "That was a really scary time because I had no idea what I was going to be like when I came back," he says. "The first few shows I did, I was very weak and my voice felt like it had changed. I was scared to death because I was like I'm never going to be the same again. You have all these fears and doubts, right when the song was getting to pump. It was just scary, but it's fine now. The last two or three shows, I've felt like I'm finally back to being strong again. I've got the same tone, and everything's back to normal. It feels good."

This spring, Moore will hit the road with his Universal Music Group labelmates David Nail and Billy Currington. The trek kicks off in mid-March and wraps at the end of May. Click here for a complete list of dates where the tour will be stopping.

By - Alanna Conaway

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