Kip Premieres "I'm To Blame" Music Video!

 Kip Moore completely disrupts a throwback style wedding, and does it with a smile, in the raucous new music video for his anthemic single "I'm To Blame," premiering on VEVO today.  The video for the lead single of Moore's upcoming sophomore album was directed by Peter Zavadil, with Moore coming up with the concept himself. 
"I was picturing those terrible powder blue old school tuxedos," said Moore. "The idea started there and we really wanted to have some fun with it, I try not to take myself too seriously all the time!   This song is the beginning of new music from me and I have been so excited to get it out there for everyone to hear.  We'll be playing a lot of new stuff on the road this summer.  My band probably hates me because I change up the set list so much.  I love sharing as much new music as possible with the fans who have been coming to see me play year after year.  It's a great way to test out songs too because you'll find out right away if something is working or not, they aren't shy about letting you know! "
To watch the video click here.



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