Kip Reveals "Comeback Kid Skatepark Project!"

Pictured: L to R: Tom Becci, SVP/COO, Universal Music Group Nashville; Kip Moore; CMT's Cody Alan; Will Anderson of Salemtown Board Co; Kelly Bonadies, Owner of Bonadies Urban Development; David Clement, Vulcan Materials and Diamond Equipment; Mayor Karl Dean
Kip announced plans for his “Comeback Kid Skatepark Project,” a charitable initiative that will oversee the construction of a series of skateparks to benefit communities and “comeback kids."  At a press conference today, Moore along with Mayor Karl Dean and Salemtown Board Co, revealed the phase one cities of the project including Nashville, TN; Boston, MA; San Marcos, TX; and Annapolis, MD.  The inspiration for the name of the project comes from “Comeback Kid,” a personal anthem from Moore’s upcoming album WILD ONES. 
“What started off as a pipe dream of mine years ago, has truly become a passion project,” said Moore. “It came from me wanting to give kids in inner cities a safe outlet, where they can form the bonds I know can be made from having somewhere awesome to go and be a part of something they enjoy. I wrote the song 'Comeback Kid' at a time when I felt like a comeback kid, but now when I sing it I think less about myself and more about the kids we are doing this for and how much I admire and respect them.  We're starting with these four cities, but the plan is to keep growing this as far and wide as we can.” 

Each park will have a unique design to provide the perfect first step for anyone of any age to learn how to skate. Making the most of the size and space available, most skate spots will range from 1,500 to 3,000 square feet and will include elements such as quarter pipe, bank-to-curb, hubba ledges, hand rail and step up.  Most of the phase one skateparks will be up and running by this Fall. 

The "Comback Kid Skatepark Project" is the first initiative of "Kip's Kids Fund," a donor-advised fund through The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee (CFMT) focused on youth and teens.  As an avid rock climber, surfer, skateboarder and outdoor enthusiast, Moore has been drawn to the outdoors and alternative sports for much of his life.  He also has a heart for small town and inner city kids growing up with too few options.  As a result, the "Kip's Kid Fund" provides alternative outlets for youth to engage in healthy habits and physical activities like skateboarding, in addition to the traditional sports offerings where they live.  



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Theresa_CableFinley's picture

What does it take to get help with some park? I live in a small town in Colby KS where every direction I have gone was told it was a thing of the past. I have seen many boys go around and get a petition signed. Only to have it shot down and unfortunately all those boys took a not so good path with there time. I do believe a skate park would have made a difference. I have two teens that I am trying to keep out of trouble and find things they like. I think they have bought more boards for them selfselves and no where to ride. I up my home ins. because you can always see them and thier friends riding and jumping in front of our house. I spent so much time with their sister  until she passed of a brain tumor and promised her I would try to get a skate park for her brothers. I have emailedtalk to people till I was blue in the face. Is there any suggestions you can give me..