K.I.P VIP Experience

Kip Moore has once again teamed up with CID Entertainment to offer enhanced experiences for ultimate fans. This time around, the K.I.P VIP Experience includes premium concert admission, access to an exclusive pre-show two-song acoustic performance and a Meet and Greet and photo opportunity with Kip Moore. K.I.P VIPs will also take home a limited edition screenprinted tour poster and a VIP laminate. For more information about The K.I.P VIP Experience, visit: http://bit.ly/1twfnna



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Cindy_Hodgkiss's picture

If Kips show in Glasgow in May starts at 8 pm, what time should V.I.P. Ticket holders get to the show?  Flying into Heathrow, from South Africa then driving to Glasgow, seeing his show, and flying home.  I think we get Kudos for the longest trip to see one show!