Single Review: Kip Moore, “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck”

Two singles isn’t a lot of information to go by, but a couple of things about Kip Moore are becoming clear.

First, he really is about as country as Bruce Springsteen. That’s a compliment.  Springsteen’s working class ethos has more in common with country music greats of days gone by than anybody on the country radio dial today.

Second, Moore sings with equal parts of authority, sincerity, and conviction.   That’s what made “Mary Was the Marrying Kind” heartbreaking, and what makes “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck” invigorating.

Sure, it’s a laundry list of the small town lifestyle, and we’ve had more than enough of those lately.  But Moore doesn’t sound like he’s pandering.

No, if anything, he sounds like he’s reveling in the pleasures that await him at the end of the week after forty hours at the factory.   That’s a welcome change from those who sound like high schoolers who hit up that back country road on their way home from the mall.

Kip Moore is good.

Grade:  B+

By - Kevin John Coyne

Country Universe



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