Virginian Pilot- Wild Ones Review

Frank Roberts
Kip Moore has gone wild
If ever an album lives up to its title, it's Kip Moore's second release, appropriately called, "Wild Ones." 
Who is Kip? Part country, part rock and roll - and toss in some Springsteen and some Haggard. That exciting voice is
wrapped around rugged lyrics that run the gamut from very warm to hot.
The not-to-be-confused-with-anyone-else singer offers 13 cuts, and describing highlights is difficult since every song is
a wild attention getter. Some of the offerings go over the edge, such as, "What Ya Got On Tonight." And, there's the fascinating,
"Lipstick," which covers cities and states that have been part of his tour. Virginia gets two mentions.
"Wild Ones" is the second release for the Georgian who got a trio of hits out of, "Up All Night," his debut album.
"Heart's Desire" is a gem about love's frustrations. "Come And Get It," is a showcase for his fine band.
Perhaps the wildest words can be found on, "That Was Us," with its rough, rugged lyrics about a guy who got stoned, and had a
fight. And, it's about, "running 90 miles an hour with a loaded pistol, and a bottle of booze."  And as for the backseat? You will have to
listen for yourself.
Download "What Ya Got On Tonight," "Heart's Desire," "Lipstick"
"Wild Ones" available at Amazon.



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