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I need to quote the title of a song by ABBA, “Thank you for the music”

The quote is for 2 reasons.... First, it is because I want to thank You, Kip, for Your music! It cuts straight to my heart .... and as a writer, that means one thing. You write, sing and perform from your heart and your soul shines through as you seem to be true to yourself. There is both vulnerability and freedom in that.  Please never lose being You in this industry! 

I  had the “honor” to receive both your CD and the book for Slowheart. Both touched me in different ways.  The CD hit me like I already wrote, straight to my heart, with both the music and the raw heartfelt lyrics!

I guess the second reason for the quote in the beginning is that your book was all about reality and soul. Because you among all places went to Island, I felt my Scandinavian roots.  Born and raised in Sweden, I’m now a California-living-country-music-loving-girl!

Kip, you’ve a new fan here forever!

Continue staying true to yourself, and I hope life will treat you well!

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I have never written in an artist's community page before but just read the "About" section of this site.  Very inspiring and insightful.  I was front stage when you performed in Brownsville for the eclipse...I've been a fan ever since.  God Bless!