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At 21 I had never really seen anything other than the southern portion of the states (beautiful but knew there were other places to see). No one ever talked about getting out & experiencing anything other than what they grew up in, so I knew if I wanted to it would probably be a solo deal at first. I had 1,500 dollars saved up from a summer job after graduation & booked a 1 way flight to Hawaii. I lived on a porch & in a tent for close to a year, completely out of my comfort zone & I've been chasing that feelin ever since. You don't need all the plush bullshit you've been brainwashed to desire. That shit keeps you strapped from what's real. People always tell me I wish I could go see stuff & I say well then go. "Well I'm always kinda tight on $".. Hey I got an idea sell that Mercedes & 4,000 square foot house you can barely afford that you think defines you, get a damn Kia, a smaller house, book a hostile and GO! You don't get a re-do. You get 1 lap and that shit is over...@lifeinrewindfilms



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