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I realize there's a lot of bad in this world, and that's one thing media will always shove down our throats over and over. It's a business like anything else that plays off our emotions. Things get posted or played a million times on your tv which causes outrage and all of us to fight amongst ourself. Violence sells and always will. Once again, yes I know there's injustice all around us and I pray for peace and healing on that front everyday. I'm also aware that there's so much good taking place every single day, but most of those things you'll never see. Your tv will usually only show the bad cop abusing their power or an unfortunate situation before providing the true details of what happened. I picked up a man carrying groceries today and drove him around a couple miles to his house (not to boast cause I do that regularly wo telling anyone..but to make a point). We shared some laughs and embraced as I dropped him off. He had love for me and I'm white. I had love for him and he's black. I'm not alone in that feeling...there's so many ethnicities all taking care of each other and that gives me hope. If I focused on the media and what I constantly see with the hate on Instagram, I would simply loose my mind. William I say good on y'a bud and to all the cops out there striving to make our cities and communities safe I say thank you a bunch. I appreciate the hell out of you guys. You have such an important yet thankless job way too often. Cheers to all the officers out there doing good every single day



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