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I've haven't known what to say about Vegas and honestly not sure it even matters what I say but...being over seas with my brothers, and getting to play our music for loving fans is a beautiful thing that none of us take for granted. We all feel blessed for the life we get to live. My thoughts are with anyone affected by the events that took place. I'll never understand hatred and I guess I'm glad that I don't. Love is the only thing that drives out hate...i see people spewing it back and forth on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter all day every day and that will never create a positive outcome. If you disagree with someone else that's doesn't have to get hateful. There will be other attacks that happen in our life time, but I hope people don't let the evil stop them from doing the things that bring them joy. Am I sketched out in theaters sometimes? Yes.. do I rehearse my Sylvester Stallone exiting fight plan before I sit down? Yes I do...but I'll never stop going to theaters, concerts, parks or any other place that brings me joy. Prayers to those who lost loved ones



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