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Dan here with Surf-Rodz USA. We are a skateboard truck company located in Seymour Ct, we have recently heard about the great things Kip has been doing by building skateparks around the USA with his Kip Kids Fund. It is great he has been taking out the time to create amazing skateparks for the kids. As for many, we are very passionate about skateboarding here at SurfRodz. So we would like to build a custom designed board for Kip to bring with him to pre existing parks and future ones to come. This is a great thing he is doing for communities and we support his movement one hundred percent! It would be greatly appreciated if someone can respond to us so we can become a part of such a great thing. We are also aware that Kip is preforming on August 19th in Hartford CT. We would love to attend the show and be able to present Kip with a custom designed board. We are looking forward to hear from you. Thank you for your time

Surf-Rodz, LLC/ Seymour Connecticut, 71 Cogwheel Lane 06483 USA

(203) 377-4902/   

"Redefining Skateboarding with Innovation"

Thank you-Dan Springer