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Crest the Wave

Fighting for this day for what seems like forever.

I’m feeling the current trying to take me under.

Hunger in my gut, heart blowin’ my veins,

Fillin’ up with Lightning, stealing the thunder

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Ok . is kip moore on cape cod..i think i just saw a guy who looked like him at ice cream stand and he knew words and danced to running for you!  Man...damn i wish i got autograph! That song totally rocks! Yeah ..Shania. Twain.. Is one of the best! Damn damn! I went back running for you kip to the ice cream stand jeep gone! Good luck Mr. are awesome!

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Did anyone else purchase the PRE SALE tickets to Kip Moore in Oshawa for Oct 15th through the fan club back in July? If so, can you tell me who the ticket company was - I bought some and want to make sure they are good as the ticket lady in the box office at the Oshawa Generals Centre has me all worried now saying they may be fake - would love to hear from others who have bought them - I can't figure out how to contact Kip Moores team to ask - ANY HELP would be great as I don't want to drive 2 hrs and not get in :/ A TAD WORRIED :/