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My daughter is surprising her boyfriend with tickets to the Oshawa show tonight. She's so excited, as I'm sure her will be. I'd love to surprise her with meet and greets. Can I get them for tonight's show? Please and thank you :)'s picture

Jacqui, the Meet N Greets are sold as part of the VIP package. You could check to see if VIP is still available. Otherwise, if the show is going great, he sometimes heads to the autograph table but it's strictly autographs, a moment to say hi/thank you, but absolutely no pictures so that the folks that paid for VIP are not short-changed.  Good luck! It will be a fabulous show! He gives  150% to each show, especially when he's headlining! :D

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Have seen Kip Moore several times in the Boston area.  Taking my nephew on October 20.  He has never seen Kip Moore live, and his favorite song is Motorcycle.  Does anyone know a good way to request a song?  I've never heard Kip sing this song, and it doesn't come up in his previous set lists.  Thanks!'s picture

You could see if the venue has the playlist.  If you purchase the VIP tix, he also plays a couple songs for those folks exclusively and you could ask then, or he might play it then. Good luck! The show will be so flipping amazing! 

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Crest the Wave

Fighting for this day for what seems like forever.

I’m feeling the current trying to take me under.

Hunger in my gut, heart blowin’ my veins,

Fillin’ up with Lightning, stealing the thunder