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Hey, this is really awesome that you're doing this. I broke my wrist last year on my longboard trying to impress my son.. whoops! Anyhoo.. I'm a huge fan of the music, particularly the old stuff... would love to hear that reggae beat song, I think it may be called, "Separate Ways" or something like that. I'm kind of bummed because I'm going to miss pretty much ALL of your shows this fall... it's kind of my thing to hit up concerts as I travel (nerdy writer, I iz) but my usual autumn routine down, and back up the east coast and the midwest has changed. I just graduated in December from Costa Rica Spanish Academy with my TEFL certificate. Woot! Woot! I only carry one backpack, but I always bring a suitcase of books for the kiddos at an outreach center, and this dude that was in my class helped to raise funds and rebuild a playground in Quepos. It's great to hear when other people are doing this kind of stuff, too. I looked at several properties in CR, and I plan to open a center for women and their children (for safe travels and healing, yoga, etc. and we WILL have a skate area... maybe with soft cushions for me to crash upon?) Seriously... you're doing awesome things for the kids... thanks so much. I pretty much took care of my four kids on my own, and anything that people do for kids really touches my heart.

As I said, I'm a bit sad that I cannot be the solo dancing hippie in the back as usual, but I'm currently in Israel until September, and will be going back to CR in October. Perhaps I'll catch you in Detroit in Dec. My sister lives there, sooooo... maybe I'll drag her out of her never ending Woodstock era for a fun night. I think that's why I keep coming back. I laugh and have a great time, and I cherish everyone of my autographs. Thanks for taking time after each show to sign and say, "Hi."  So far, I've gotten the following items signed... several tickets, a shirt, my ballet pointe shoes (Orlando, I think?) a CD, and most recently at the Old Settler's Park gathering... my U.S. Navy cap. Yup, I'm a Vet, and I sure wish that I'd brought my longboard to Kenosha when you did the show with CASE for their crews and us Veterans. I hope you got the "Got Shrooms" shirt with the Georgia Peach cigar inside. I threw the package to the dude who was ever so carefully guarding you from the loco fans.

I was really touched by your music at a particularly difficult time in my life. Yesterday, I took my phone out to the desert, and as the sun set, "Faith  When I Fall" came on. I danced on the rocky earth of a land so full of history... the mountains of Jordan in the distance... I could go on about the beauty here...  did I mention there's a meteor shower around Aug 11? I'll have a view from an old sofa that is just sitting out there... no kidding! (See Desert Ashram, Israel... you can see the OHM from Google earth, and probably the giant mandala the boys built last week, as well)

Your attitude of not submitting, not conforming, or becoming something you are not.. well, let's just say that it has helped turn a shy writer into a jungle and desert loving, book smuggling adventurer, journalist, English teacher. Gracias! Jah bless ~ Miss Jo