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What does it take to get help with some park? I live in a small town in Colby KS where every direction I have gone was told it was a thing of the past. I have seen many boys go around and get a petition signed. Only to have it shot down and unfortunately all those boys took a not so good path with there time. I do believe a skate park would have made a difference. I have two teens that I am trying to keep out of trouble and find things they like. I think they have bought more boards for them selfselves and no where to ride. I up my home ins. because you can always see them and thier friends riding and jumping in front of our house. I spent so much time with their sister  until she passed of a brain tumor and promised her I would try to get a skate park for her brothers. I have emailedtalk to people till I was blue in the face. Is there any suggestions you can give me..