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Friends where I

Friends where I work, knew that I didn't win the contest to meet Kip, so they called Kat 103.7 in Omaha Ne and told them my story that I just wanted to meet Kip Moore, so I could thank him. My husband of 41 years Huey, passed away March 12 2013 and I couldn't have got thru those months after he passed without listening to Kips Up All Night cd. Amy from where I worked turned me on to Kip's cd and I fell in love with it. Listened to it almost 24/7. So many songs reminded me of Huey and I when we met and got married at 19 and 22. The radio station called me at work and totally blew me away when Gina said We want you to come to the steakhouse and meet Kip. I was in tears. So my daughter and I did get to meet Kip, and I said to him "Can I tell you my story", and he said yes. After telling him he looked at me and said Stories like this are why I do what I do and I am sorry for your loss. Kip is the sweetest, most down to earth, true to himself and what is doing in all of country music. I kissed him on the neck (because it was right there lol) and said I just had to thank you. The others there went "Awwwww" when they heard me tell him my story and when I gave him his kiss. Kip, I voted everyday for you to win the New Artist of The Year Award. And when you didn't win this is what I said "Kip isn't all about the glam, awards are nice but not the reason he does what he does, very cool down to earth guy". I am 61 years old and will forever be a Kip Moore Fan. Thanks so much to Kat 103.7 , to some of the best friends a girl can have, and to Kip Moore. Can't wait for your new cd to come out.