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Had a great tim

Had a great time at the show in Tulsa, loved the VIP. It was the most personal experience I've ever had at a concert and also a great first concert for my boys(I don't think they will ever go to another concert that will top this one). They only problem I had at the concert was some drunk belligerent a**holes. Some people around me called security over on them several times, but it took until the end of the concert for them to be removed.( I did tell security what was going on) They called me every name possible, told me I was a bad mom for bringing my kids to the concert. My 11 year wanted to leave early, I think my 13 year wanted to whip some butt. Here's the kicker I didn't do or say anything to them, other than tell them to watch their drinks.(as it was getting dumped on my youngest and I). I understand that this has nothing to do with Kip Moore, but security could have done a better job!!! I did have a few of his other fans try to intervene on our behalf, and would like to say thanks, you are all awesome. Would definitely see him again!