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Hello My name i

Hello My name is Ryan Skomial. My boyfriend and I are attending the Kip Moore Concert at the Filmore in Detroit next Friday. We saw Brantley Gilbert around the same time last year and it will mark our one year anniversary. Kip Moore has truly been an extremely special part of our relationship believe it or not. My boyfriend and I always jam to the song something about a truck and I even wear a red sundress just because of the song on some of our dates. Prom finally came along and my prom proposal was completely inspired by "Somethin about a truck". My boyfriend sent me on a scavenger hunt ending at the place of our first kiss and when I drove up 5 lifted trucks were lined up with the hoods open and they read prom... and something about a truck was blaring our of his truck. I will never that song or that amazing moment. That moment when I saw him walk out with a dozen roses I knew he was my one and only, that's the moment I fell in love with that boy. It is about time I do something truly incredible for him. I would really love to meet Kip Moore, my boyfriend has done some amazing things for me and truly deserves a special experience he wont forget and meeting Kip Moore would be one of them. I would be willing to pay for meet and greet passes or even just an autograph would be amazing. This would mean the world to me just to see him light up when he gets to meet Kip. Please help me make our one year anniversary incredible.

Thank you so much and god bless,

Ryan Skomial