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I absolutely lo

I absolutely looove this website!! I just witnessed my 1st and DEFINITELY NOT LAST show at Winstock!!!!! I am still in complete awe that I was able to get into VIP and stand right before Kip while he performed 'Hey Pretty Girl' and 'Somethin Bout A Truck'!!!! It was PHENOMENAL. I have always enjoyed country music and within the past 2 years I have been a die hard...literally a die hard fan! Once you get me out near stage I don't stop dancing! I am still in disbelief Westin Davis spotted me out of the crowd along with the rest of the band members. I loove to write as well and would love to get in behind the scenes! I am one of the odd balls without facebook and twitter..I'm an old fashioned 27 year old when it comes to that. It would be a dream come true to get behind the scenes and backstage and meet ya'll. I love good ole fashioned phone calls 612-702-509 or email tara.marquette@yahoo.com