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I am the father

I am the father of 3 beautiful kids...2 boys (8 & 5) and 1 little angel (3 yrs). Unfortunately their mom and I divorced a couple of years ago and its been very difficult not having them in my everyday life. Each of my kids love to listen to music and each has their own "my song"..I guess you could say. A couple of weeks ago, I had awoken my Katie Bug and brought her to the living room as I made breakfast. As usual, to start the day, I turned on cmt television. As Emma layed on the couch..still asleep...I hear it. All of sudden, she sits up like she had never slept....turns to me..and with her pacificier hanging half out her mouth....points and says " Look daddy, its our song. Come here and give me a hug!!!". The song was Hey Pretty Girl.....which became "our" song, when it was released. Needless to say, the tears were falling before I got my hug. In 43 years, that was the most love I have ever felt....I'll never forget it. Thanks Kip.....that's just what we needed!!!