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I was lucky eno

I was lucky enough to attend Kip's show at the Egyptian room here in Indianapolis on the 14th and for you Kip fans who weren't lucky enough to be there you missed one hell of a show. Not only was I blown away by the perfomance, but Kip himself took the time to come out to the merch table to meet and sign pretty much anything from the fans who love him so much. The fact he takes that kind of time for his fans elevates him to a whole other level in my opinion. Being fifth in line by the table and seeing him come out after the show was almost surreal, but having the opportunity to look Kip in the eye, shake his hand and thank him for a phenomenal show was something I will never forget. Being a Kip fan I know he has done this before so I should ask while he is in my area; I would really like to propose to my girlfriend of four years and if there was any way possible I could get Kip himself to sing our song "Hey pretty girl" he could make another old boy's day. Here is to hoping right? Regardless he is still an incredible artist with an incredible devotion to his fans.