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I was at the PA

I was at the PA show last Saturday. First and foremost Kip was awesome.. However, Its been bothering me since last week so I feel the need to make Kips team aware of one issue I found unsettling.. I had purchased the VIP package which gave me access to better seats than those who bought GA tickets. After Charlies set a bunch of GA people stormed the stage and stood in front of the VIP ticket holders. After several people complained to Security they were cleared out. Then someone from Kips team spoke to Security and was pointing to the area right in front of the stage. Shortly thereafter Kip took the stage, mentioned something about there being different ticket levels but invited everyone up front. Security looked disgusted threw his hands in the air and walked away. I think this was done in poor taste on Kippart. I don't feel someone who paid for GA should have been given the opportunity to stand in front of those who paid a higher price for this VIP experience. Kip sounded great however as far as seeing him perform, I wouldn't know. My view was obscured by a 7 ft obnoxious person who did not belong there in the first place. Although up to that point it was a good experience I Unfortunately will reconsider making the extra investment for VIP tickets in the future.