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Looking forward

Looking forward to my next set of shows Tampa, Sayerville NJ, Boston. Hoping there is something coming in 2015 , I had booked 8 shows, travel plans long ago back in June when they went on sale. Of course I was super excited because I had yet to see a live show. A few days before my first show on Aug 29 my closest sister, best friend passed away unexpectedly. It has been a rough time, and the only thing getting me through this is the music and the live shows. I get to escape at the shows and just get lost in the music. Thank you Kip and the Slowhearts for giving me the opportunity to go to my "happy place" at a time where I need most. Music is my passion as a fan, I dont play an instument or sing I just love partcipating in soaking it all in. See you a little further on up the road.