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This Megaticket

This Megaticket has to go. Looked into shows at PNC in Charlotte 9 shows good seats $884.00 per ticket that's $1800.00 that I would have to lay out for me and my wife to see these shows. Roughly $100.00 a ticket for each show. Now granted the lineup is pretty great, but I could get by missing a couple of shows. You know who bought these tickets. Brokers buy them. It use to be you paid your money joined a fan club and got in on a presale. We'll guess what you can't get these tickets from your fan club because they are Megatickets. Just look at Lady A for an example. The Megaticket shows are not on there tour list, as of yesterday.

I always try to be the it's won to place an order so I can get up close and personal seats. So I'll spend my $75 or 80.00 a ticket. But I just can't reach into my pocket at 10AM on a Tuesday morning and layout $1800.00 plus dollars for 2 tickets for good seats. Can I spend that money for 9 separate concerts,YES, but I do it one at a time. I already this year have, The Band Perry, Brad Paisley (his show got canceled) Darius Rucker, Billy Currington, Brett Eldridge, was hoping for Lady A, Luke Jason and Blake Shelton but they went the Megaticket way so good seats will not be available unless I want to pay $ 200.00 a ticket or more from a broker. This Megaticket only makes the Ticket Brokers rich and screws the fans