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[Message for Ki

[Message for Kip Moore]. What an eloquently written bio. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and testimonies thus far. And congratulations on the greatness that you have received, by way of faithfully answering your call in life. I've only just recently heard one of your songs for the first time. (...because I've only just recently started intentionally listening to country music). The many elements that can make music, or a song, a captivating experience, were so wonderfully present and tangible within this one particular song. It moved me at the deepest levels of heart & spirit. Your voice is truly something, & you expressed the lyrics of this song w such devoted honesty and sincerity and passion that I was moved to wonder & inquire about the person who generated the words. I could only smile when I learned that all of it was you... yours. So I want to say thank you. Thank you for your voice, for your words, your music, your honesty, your expressions, for honoring your identity (& your faith). Thank you for having San Antonio on your tour agenda (...even though vip tiks were n/a, so I had to unfortunately settle for the basics)... your concert at Floores will be the first country music concert that I'll actually be looking forward to. As long as you perform 'Hey Pretty Girl' ;)

Kindest Regards,

Alicia T.

(p.s. Don't ever worry... no man is an island)