K.I.P VIP Experience

Kip Moore has once again teamed up with CID Entertainment to offer enhanced experiences for ultimate fans. This time around, the K.I.P VIP Experience includes premium concert admission, access to an exclusive pre-show two-song acoustic performance and a Meet and Greet and photo opportunity with Kip Moore. K.I.P VIPs will also take home a limited edition screenprinted tour poster and a VIP laminate. For more information about The K.I.P VIP Experience, visit: http://bit.ly/1twfnna



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Karen_Opp's picture

We're on our way to see Kip Moore in Omaha with the whole family, My husband and I were supposed to see Kip Moore last weekend in Las Vegas, but we messed up the dates and missed the concert.  We thought the concert was Saturday night and it was Friday night.  Oops!!  I was so bummed - we'd flown to Vegas from Minneapolis for the concert.  My husband is so wonderful that just to make me happy, we're driving from Minneapolis to Omaha with all the kids today to see Kip Moore in Omaha.  Kip, if you see this, give a shout out to my wonderful husband Craig!!!!!